Sons on the Pyre
Biorhythm (Lyrics)

Sons on the Pyre
The Nearest Place to Heaven (Lyrics)


I’ve found a place in time where sound & noise get along with little-to-no effort. It’s here that experiences gather objectively, with no bickering, or interference. Pain, suffering, desire, love and other mythical creatures are accepted & appreciated, even when they’re not understood – especially when they’re not understood. “The Nearest Place to Heaven” is all these things and more. Would you believe me, even if you heard it yourself?

Many thanks go out to Clint Mansell/Pop Will Eat Itself for creating such a great song as “Everything’s Cool”. Credit to Amarilys Rosado, aka. “Songstress”, for her vocals on “Masquerade”; Atticus & Alex for their valuable knowhow, and for delivering great performances. A great Ball of gratitude to Lady Lee Andrews & The Poet’s Passage in Old San Juan for hosting our Midsummer Masquerade event and release party; the Nonzensed TV crew for help filming & editing our “Everything’s Cool” video.

Sons on the Pyre
…A Prelude (Lyrics)