Biography – Who Are We?

Sons on the Pyre (abbreviated SOTP) is an Electronic & Alternative Rock band formed in 2012 in Puerto Rico.  Cesar “The Serpent” is the main Producer, Songwriter, Composer, Instrumentalist and only official member of the band.

Sons on the Pyre is known for using broad soundscapes across a wide array of genres & musical styles.  While the heart of the projects is Industrial Metal, the band’s known to blend their sounds comfortably over Rock, Electronic, Asian, Hindi, Reggae, etc.  The result is often compared to Nine Inch Nails and “Trent Reznor’s fearless approach to the Music Industry” – Indie Band Guru.

Cesar Arroyo
(Active 2012 – Present)
New York
July 23rd, 1983
Multi-Instrumentalist, Vocals, Composing

Actor, Martial Artist & Composer.  Front man & founder of Sons on the Pyre.  Born in Brooklyn, New York, Cesar’s aptitude for music began to show around age 4, first with the piano, then the guitar.  Early on, Cesar indicated a profound dislike for popular music & mainstream radio stations.  Instead, he was first influenced by video game soundtracks; such as Loaded, which included songs from Pop Will Eat Itself & Sonic the Hedgehog, most notably Sonic 3, which was mostly composed by Michael Jackson (uncredited).

When not performing or working in the studio, Cesar has often collaborated to albums of artists like Jack Sawyer & A Drowning Angel.

Alex Carrasquillo
“Master Bass”
(Active 2012- Present)
Puerto Rico
Novermber 20th
Bass & Sound Engineering

Former Bass player of Power Metal bands Oniro & Arctic Wind, metal head through and through.  Alex joined Sons on the Pyre’s starting line-up and has been an avid member ever since.  Professional, picky & quite critical over the sound, Alex’s insight has proven a valuable asset to the band’s overall sound.

Bryan Ferrer
(Active late 2012 – Present)
Puerto Rico
July 30th, 1993
Keyboards, Synths

The man behind Post-Industrial projects A Drowning Angel & Avant Lust, from Bayamon, Puerto Rico.  Bryan joined Sons on the Pyre as soon as he heard “The Shrine Worshipper” in 2012.  When not performing with SOTP, or working on his own projects, Bryan works as a promoter for numerous local Hardcore/Alternative Rock bands.

Former band members:

Amarilys Rosado
(Active 2012 – 2014)
Puerto Rico
Additional/Backup Vocals & Vocalizing

Anime geek by day, vocalist by night.  The Songstress’ cheerful, energetic attitude is a rare, but welcome sight in the local scene.  Her voice is most notably heard in Sons on the Pyre’s second album, The Nearest Place to Heaven, in “Masquerade”.